Concrete cone area of single anchor and group of anchors

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Concrete cone breakout area

The determination of the concrete cone breakout area of a single anchor and for a group of anchors is the basic parameter to determine anchoring safety. If the anchors are preinstalled, or the breakout is prevented, this code check can be disabled in the Code setup.

The concrete cone area is required for the code check of Concrete breakout resistance of anchor in tension. The check is performed for one anchor in tension separately, considering the anchoring depth and concrete block edge distance. The area ANc0 is used for the calculation.

If the areas of multiple anchors overlap, then for the group of anchors that form a common tension breakout cone, the concrete cone area ANc is calculated as an intersection of the single areas ANc0,i of all anchors in the group.

Concrete block edge distance from the anchored member

Due to the fact the concrete cone is formed from the bottom of the anchor or group of anchors to the concrete surface, the distance to the edge of the concrete block is a critical parameter in calculation of the cone area ANc.

Export of concrete cone area to DXF

It is also possible to export the picture of the calculated area or generate a DXF file with a 2D drawing of the concrete cone area and opened in any CAD application. The export of concrete cone area drawings might be handy for a visual check of the whole construction model.

Concrete cone area drawing export to DWG

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