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Verification of IDEA StatiCa calculations for steel connection design (AISC)

Export of moment-rotation curve to CSV and DXF

Stiffness analysis and deformation capacity

Stiffness analysis - W to HSS moment connection (AISC)

Joint classification according to AISC

Joint classification according to CISC

Stiffness analysis (EN)

Joint classification (EN)

Bending stiffness of welded joint of open sections

Tips for stiffness analysis

Advanced model of steel joints loaded by internal forces from 3D frame structures

How to make stiffness analysis for complex joints efficiently

Frame joint stiffness analysis and consequences of the stiffness to FEM model

Rotational stiffness of a haunched beam

Classification according to stiffness for Indian Standard

Connection stiffness and its use in global analysis

Joint classification according to SP

Classification according to stiffness for Hong Kong Code

Joint classification according to Chinese standard

Joint classification according to AS

Calculation of steel connection stiffness – reinvented!