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Verification of IDEA StatiCa calculations for steel connection design (AISC)

Export of moment-rotation curve to CSV and DXF

Connection stiffness and its use in global analysis

How to change analysis type

How to put rotational stiffness into your FEA model

Steel joint classification according to Canadian standards

Steel joint classification (AISC)

Stiffness analysis - W to HSS moment connection (AISC)

Stiffness analysis of a connection with a custom cross-section (EN)

Stiffness analysis

Joint classification according to Russian standards

Joint classification according to Chinese standard

Joint classification (EN)

Joint classification according to Australian standards

Bending stiffness of welded joint of open sections

IDEA StatiCa verification for prequalified moment connections by The Ohio State University

Connection Wednesdays - Stiffness classification

Calculation of steel connection stiffness – reinvented!