IDEA StatiCa verification for prequalified moment connections by The Ohio State University

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Prequalified steel connections after the Northridge earthquake I SAC Steel Projects
  • Comparisons between IDEA StatiCa and calculations from AISC specification for various common prequalified connections
  • Comparisons between IDEA StatiCa and results from traditional Finite Element Analysis (FEA) approach
  • Identifying discrepancies in results and investigating the underlying causes
  • Summary and future research


David Eckrote
David Eckrote Director
Ali Nassiri, Ph.D.
Ali Nassiri, Ph.D. Assistant Professor-Research
The Ohio State University
Johan Lozada
Johan Lozada Product engineer
During the one-hour session, Ali Nassiri, Assistant Professor-Research, from The Ohio State University, will discuss his studies of prequalified seismic steel moment connections, where he compared results between IDEA StatiCa, Abaqus, traditional calculations, and experimental studies.

IDEA StatiCa has engaged several US universities to ensure the application is within the safe threshold of the practical engineering design. This webinar will discuss and review the results of  investigation into using Finite element analysis to design steel connections according to AISC 358 prequalified connections. The research was developed by:

  • Baris Kasapoglu, Ph.D. student (Department of Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering)
  • Ali Nassiri, Ph.D. (Department of Integrated Systems Engineering)

This project aimed to evaluate the behavior of seismic steel connections obtained from the IDEA StatiCa software package considering load resistance, rotation capacity, and moment-rotation response. The studied prequalified connections were:

  • Reduced beam section (RBS) moment connection
  • End plate moment (EPM) connection
  • Welded unreinforced flange-welded web (WUF-W) moment connection
  • Welded unreinforced flange-bolted web (WUF-B) moment connection
  • Double-tee moment connection

Join the webinar session to get the author's insight into the investigation, explanation of the comparisons between IDEA StatiCa and AISC calculations, findings and causes of discrepancies and the future research. 

1 hour