Connection Wednesdays - Stiffness classification

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • The basics of stiffness classification according to the Eurocode
  • How to apply the stiffness analysis results back to the global analysis model
  • How to use IDEA StatiCa Member as a better option


Ralph Pullinger
Ralph Pullinger Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Costis Hatzopoulos
Costis Hatzopoulos Support Manager
Connection stiffness is a crucial aspect of a structure's design because, ultimately, the behavior of connected members should align with the assumptions initially made by the structure designer. This is especially true in the case of semi-rigid connections.

Stiffness classification - rigid or semi-rigid?

In this webinar, we will briefly review the code requirements related to stiffness classification. Afterward, we will endeavor to design the connections of an actual frame that will be initially designed as moment resisting. We will employ a semi-rigid configuration and subsequently apply the predicted behavior to the global analysis structure. Throughout this process, we will explore common questions and assess their impact on the design.

A detailed solution in IDEA StatiCa Member

Finally, we will utilize the BIM tools provided within the IDEA StatiCa ecosystem to transfer the assessed beams into the app IDEA StatiCa Member. This will enable us to check every component and establish the most accurate deflection and moment values, which can then be compared with the results predicted by the equivalent code methodology and the impact of its underlying idealizations.

What more?

Learn about global buckling and stability issues, that can be analyzed and checked in the application IDEA StatiCa Member:

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