Enhanced 3D scene interaction and property management in Checkbot

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The Checkbot 3D scene implements property grid technology, applicable to all selectable items within the scene, including Design Member, Substructure, Node, Connection, Detail, and Member 2D.

Benefits for IDEA StatiCa Checkbot Users

  • Multi-edit option for eccentricities: Users can edit the eccentricities of multiple elements simultaneously, significantly streamlining the modification process and enhancing their productivity.
  • Enhanced readability for substructure elements: The visibility and readability of analyzed or related members within the Substructure part facilitate a better understanding and inspection of these components.
  • Clear contrast for "red only" properties: The property grid features a clear contrast for properties highlighted in red, providing good visibility of critical information and warnings.

Benefits for the entire platform

  • Unified technology across applications: By having the same property grid technology across all IDEA StatiCa applications, maintenance and future extensions are straightforward, ensuring a consistent user experience and avoiding development overheads.
  • Powerful capabilities: The integration of this technology enables features such as multi-select and multi-edit capabilities, enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of the applications.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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