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IDEA StatiCa Member – Member stability

Steel transverse beam

Buckling analysis of a steel connection (AISC)

Global buckling vs. local buckling. What does it mean?

Steel staircase

Launching rail of a bridge

Beam-over-column Connections (AISC)

Stability of Bracket Plates using Local Buckling Analysis and Material Nonlinear Analysis (AISC)

Sheeting rails structure

Linear Buckling Analysis (LBA)

How to input imperfections in Member

How to change analysis type

Verification study: Shear connections with coped beams (AISC)

Thin-walled (cold-formed) members

Thin-walled steel members

Member analysis - Interpretation of MNA and GMNIA results

Can the hand calculation check member buckling safely?

Webinar: Critical steel member design workflow with IDEA StatiCa

Connection Wednesdays - Buckling analysis - an important piece of connection assessment

Analysis Types for Steel Connection Design

Code-check of steel members with buckling problems