Linear Buckling analysis for steel connection design

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Linear buckling analysis in IDEA StatiCa
  • Identify the buckling issue
  • Learn the recommended limit factors
  • See common examples 


David Eckrote
David Eckrote Director
Andrea Castelo
Andrea Castelo Product Engineer
Jason McNeil
Jason McNeil Regional Engineer
Join this one hour session to learn about linear buckling analysis for steel connection design in IDEA StatiCa.

During this webinar, we will use IDEA StatiCa connection models to explain how to use the linear buckling analysis during your design process. 

The Buckling load factors and their associated buckling mode shapes are derived from linear buckling analysis (sometimes called Eigenvalue Buckling or Euler Buckling analyses). It is mathematically similar to a modal analysis.  However, it does not give stresses or displacements. The buckling modes are an indication of the shape of the structure when it buckles because buckling is a state of collapse, not a deformation. 

From the results of the linear buckling analysis, we will help you to identify where the buckling is predicted and how serious is. 

The designer needs engineering judgment, and IDEA StatiCa provides numerical results to let the user make informed design decisions. 

The participants who attend the live webinar will receive a certificate of attendance.

1 hour
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