Code-check of steel members with buckling problems

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Creating a model in IDEA StatiCa Member and all its features
  • What are global and local imperfections
  • Advanced analysis of buckling shapes
  • Applying local imperfections on the member
  • Second-order GMNIA analysis with imperfections
  • Full code-check delivery at one click


Adam Kozousek
Adam Kozousek Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
We all face challenges, calculating architectural or engineering pieces of art is one of them. Complex beams with stability issues. Unknown buckling lengths, connection stiffness. Various load configs. Openings, haunches, stiffeners. Yet we love these challenges, we waste time by solving them.

Sounds familiar to you? Then we have good news - no more estimations and lengthy custom methods. Start the application Member and do the job in minutes. More about CBFEM powered Member here.

Finite elements versus buckling lengths

During the webinar, we will demonstrate the difference between the progressive yet simple to use software versus the commonly used hand calculation with its limitations. We will compare these two approaches in two different cases:

  • a simple beam with simple supports and uniform load conditions
  • similar beam with openings, haunch, and endplate connection, and a point load

While the manual equations and tabs may be useful in the simple case, you don't have any visual control of what is happening. And when it comes to the complex case... well, let's see!

All buckling modes and imperfections covered

Watch with us how to take advantage of this most advanced tool for designing and code-checking of complex beams, columns, or even whole subsystems, how to run the 2nd order nonlinear analysis including imperfections, and cover all the flexural buckling, torsional buckling, lateral-torsional buckling, and stability issues at once.

If you want to see more of the Member in action, there are two other recorded webinars to watch:

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Webinar recording