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IDEA StatiCa products and their features

IDEA StatiCa Steel
Design and code-check of steel connections and joints according to various standards
Any topology for welded or bolted connections; 150 predefined connection templates
Concrete block check for base plates, footings and anchorings
Unlimited modeling – cuts, stiffeners, wideners, ribs, openings, end plates, fin plates, gusset plates, stubs, and cleats; Preloaded bolts
General cross-section; Custom materials
Stress and strain analysis; Based on patented method CBFEM
Connection stiffness
Local buckling analysis; Capacity design for seismic checks
Fully customizable report with code references.
Fully customizable report with code references
BIM links with FEA/CAD software
IDEA StatiCa Concrete
Design and code-check of reinforced concrete walls, beams, cross-sections and columns
Complex concrete details – corbels, hangings, dapped ends, openings, frame joints and diaphragms
All ULS and SLS checks according to Eurocode (application Detail also ACI)
Automatic detection of optimal reinforcement topology for walls and concrete details
Any geometry of cross-section; 40 predefined templates
Fire resistance check
Non-linear deflections; Crack and deflection checks also for walls
Compression softening. Tension stiffening.
Composite concrete-concrete sections
Fully customizable report with code references

BIM links with FEA software

IDEA StatiCa Prestressing
Design and code-check of prestressed beams and cross-sections
Prestressing effects and losses
Any tendon topology
All ULS and SLS checks according to Eurocode
Pre/post-tensioned members, 3D beam
Non-linear deflections, short/long-term
Non-linear creep
Construction stages. Time-dependent analysis.
User-specified concrete strength in the stage of prestressing
Lateral stability check of beams
Any geometry of prestressed concrete cross-section; 40 predefined templates
Continuous composite beam
Includes all features of IDEA StatiCa Concrete

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