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Structural design of steel connections and joints. Member stability and buckling.



Structural design of RC walls, beams, sections and other discontinuity regions.



Structural design of prestressed beams and cross-sections. Time-dependent analysis.


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What do our customers say?

We have used IDEA StatiCa on 6-10 different projects already. One project called Crabapple Market was six buildings, all part of a complex. Another company had the other eight buildings at the complex, and after the initial round of RFI’s and comments from the EOR, they chose to use us on any revisions and changes because of our calculation package (IDEA StatiCa) was superior to the other company.
Ryan K. Carpenter
Ryan K. Carpenter
Structural Engineer –
IDEA StatiCa allows us to design a much wider range of connections, in less time, as well as look into the stiffness behaviour of connections to see how this interacts with the global structural analysis.
Matthew Pearce
Matthew Pearce
Principal Structural Engineer – Mott MacDonald UK
United Kingdom
Implementing the IDEA software into our company has been a real turning point for us. It allows us to create connections that are lightweight, cost-effective and structurally efficient all the while giving us the flexibility to design a connection to any imaginable configuration whilst still giving us the confidence that the connections are designed in accordance with the relevant design standards.
Mirivano Carrig
Mirivano Carrig
Structural Engineer –
IDEA StatiCa Connection is a very helpful package for the modeling of a wide range of joints in steel structures. Modeling and interpretation of the results requires an understanding of the forces within a node and is equal to the complexity of the connection.
Gordon Clannachan
Gordon Clannachan
Senior Structural Engineer – ARUP
We have become early adopters of IDEA StatiCa because its advanced design and check process is both powerful and quick enough to be a useful tool in our everyday work as structural engineers for fabricators.
Tim Hetherington
Tim Hetherington
Director –
IDEA StatiCa software is a fantastically efficient tool that’s helped us streamline our connection design processes. The cloud-based license makes it easy for us to access the software from anywhere, and the support team is always on hand to sort out any issues.
Ryan Malachy
Ryan Malachy
Managing Director –
Thanks to IDEA StatiCa Connection, we have done in our project each steel connection is less than 1 day what would have taken more than a week with the old processes. Today, I only use ADC with some side manual verifications.
Denis Lefebvre
Denis Lefebvre
Expertise Director, Bridges and Civil Engineering Structures –
IDEA StatiCa Connection is a very helpful package for the modeling of a wide range of joints in steel structures. Modeling and interpretation of the results requires an understanding of the forces within a node and is equal to the complexity of the connection.
Marcel van Odenhoven
Marcel van Odenhoven
Owner – Staalbouwkundig Adviesburo Van Odenhoven
Implementation of IDEA StatiCa Connection to our workflows decreases the consumption and handling of the material and the welding costs in comparison to the previously used approach. This went hand in hand with simplifying and speeding up the production process.
Thijs Oerbekke
Thijs Oerbekke
Registered Structural Engineer / Welding & Quality Engineer –


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