Standard licenses

Lifetime or subscription, cloud network licensing, outstanding technical support.


Structural design of steel connections and joints. Member stability and buckling.



Structural design of RC walls, beams, sections and discontinuity regions.



Structural design of prestressed beams and cross-sections. Time-dependent analysis.

IDEA StatiCa Commercial License price

Annual subscriptions
$1,490 - $5,990
Lifetime licenses
$2,990 - $11,790

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We provide online, account-based licenses. We create a cloud license server for each of our customers. You only need your credentials (mail) to access the license from any device. The maximum number of license users per license product is 5 for standard licenses and 6 for enterprise licenses.

Read more about IDEA StatiCa Licensing here.

No, all licenses of IDEA StatiCa are floating. You can switch devices, return the license to the pool, share with your colleagues, and work on the road or from home.

The lifetime license is an unlimited license entitlement. Maintenance has to be purchased on top of it to receive new versions and get technical support.

The subscription license is a time-limited license that automatically includes maintenance (new versions, support).

For users like you, eliminating risk and avoiding cutting corners are essential parts of your projects’ success. That’s why maintenance is there to help you safeguard your time, money and reputation by ensuring you have access to expert support when you need it as well as the latest cutting-edge features. 

The two main benefits that up-to-date maintenance brings you are: 

  • Your technical issues solved within 24 hours by our in-house specialists 
  • Access to the current version of IDEA StatiCa (there are two major product releases plus minor updates per year) 

Please note that maintenance is automatically included in all subscription licenses but has to be purchased separately for lifetime licenses. Plus, if a customer does not have maintenance for an older license, they need to purchase an upgrade to the current version before purchasing maintenance for the next period. 

To learn more about maintenance, check out our knowledge base article.

Yes, the standard IDEA StatiCa license can only be used in the country you specify in the purchase (usually by billing address). Multi-national usage is only possible in the Enterprise license of IDEA StatiCa. 

Each IDEA StatiCa license can be a mix of three products - IDEA StatiCa Steel, Concrete, and Prestressing. Some of the products also have editions. The full edition is called Enhanced, the limited one is the Expert. 

Prices "from" show the price for the limited editions of the respective products, one seat, floating license. Request a quote to get a detailed solution for your organization.

Subscription prices are displayed for the 12 months option. There are more possible subscription periods, request a quote to find out the details .