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Having active and up-to-date maintenance is vital to ensuring you get the most out of using IDEA StatiCa and are keeping yourself safe, supported and at the top of your game. We will walk you through checking if your maintenance is valid and sufficient and explain some of the terms and conditions on the way. 

Under the License & Users panel in your User Portal, you can find information about when your maintenance expired or is due to expire.

Having valid maintenance means you are covered for all same version upgrades and eligible to receive technical support. In order for your maintenance to be valid, it is necessary to buy maintenance for all IDEA StatiCa licenses in your company. Also, maintenance can only be purchased for an up-to-date version of IDEA StatiCa and works on an annual fee basis and must be bought without any gaps in your maintenance. 

If you do not have up-to-date maintenance or have skipped one or more versions of IDEA StatiCa, you will need to pay to upgrade first. Also, if you upgrade to a higher version of your license, e.g., Expert to Enhanced, your maintenance needs to be upgraded too. 

It is important to note that if you do not have valid maintenance, the cost of upgrading to the latest version of the same product is charged in increments of 25% of the current price list for every skipped major release version (up to a maximum of 80%). i.e., if you are moving from the direct previous version to the current version, it is 25%. Plus, this upgrade price does not include maintenance. Compare this to the massive savings for continuous annual maintenance, which is just 19% of the pricelist. 

Therefore, ensuring you pay annual maintenance for each of your licenses means you are not only saving money but have peace of mind that you are working fully supported on the latest version of the product. 

Please note, unless cancelled, maintenance and subscriptions automatically renew on an annual basis. 

In summary: 

  • Active maintenance gives you technical support and two major updates during that period 
  • You need valid maintenance for each IDEA StatiCa license 
  • Valid maintenance must run without lapses 
  • Buying valid maintenance costs 19% compared to a minimum 25% upgrade price 
  • Upgrading costs are based on skipped versions = 25% per skipped version to a max of 80% 
  • Upgrade prices do not include maintenance 
  • Maintenance automatically renews annually unless cancelled 

Please contact your local reseller for further information or check out our pricing page


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