IDEA StatiCa works with your ConSteel. You can select any number of steel connections and members in ConSteel and export it to IDEA StatiCa for structural design and code-checking. All the beams, cross-sections, and internal forces are not just exported, but they are also synchronized if the ConSteel model changes. IDEA StatiCa and ConSteel give you an efficient workflow for your structural steel design that saves time, minimizes errors, and opens up optimization possibilities.

Workflow ConSteel and IDEA StatiCa

Workflow Steel Structural Engineer FEA

You do not need anything special to get started - just download and install both applications on the same PC, IDEA StatiCa will automatically detect the ConSteel installation and activate the plugin. And you can start exporting and designing steel connections right away!

Link activated directly inside Consteel application, more information at:

Export, design, synchronize, generate a report

Ready to solve various steel connections? ConSteel combined with IDEA StatiCa will allow you to model, design, load, and check steel connections of any topology and loading. And make this data available to your colleagues or subcontractors doing detailing and fabrication.

Scope of the BIM link

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ConSteel BIM link is developed and maintained by a third-party integration company. IDEA StatiCa does not take any responsibility for this integration. All technical requirements and questions must be addressed to the developer.

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