Tackling IDEA StatiCa Connection - Shear connections

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Shear vs. moment connections
  • How to define the correct force position
  • When to change the model type of a member
  • What load can be defined
  • Stiffness analysis
  • Templates for shear connections


Jana Kaderova
Jana Kaderova Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
The next part of our summer series will present the shear types of connections. We will have a look at the differences in the designs based on the real rigidity of the connection. We will also emphasize the important changes in the model setup when considering the non-rigid joint.

Our summer webinar series targets the IDEA StatiCa users who are either new to the software or would like to remind themselves of some elementary features and settings of the software. 

Learning how to use IDEA StatiCa Connection is considered to be a fast and easy process. Still, there are some important pieces of knowledge that are essential for a correct model design.  

Model type and force position definition

Why change the force position? When to use a different model type of a member? How to decide whether the connection is rigid or pinned? We will answer these questions in the webinar.

The topic of shear connections and the position of the shear force is also discussed in more detail in the article When a shear connection transmits a bending moment.

Tackling IDEA StatiCa Connection webinar series

Tackling IDEA StatiCa Connection is a new series of five short webinars for beginners to get quickly familiar with the program. From first steps up to BIM links, learn quickly how to use the software and be productive and safe in designing and code-checking steel connections.

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