What are the unique features of IDEA StatiCa Prestressing?

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IDEA StatiCa Prestressing offers a full solution for the design and code-check of prestressed members.

Some of the key features of IDEA StatiCa Prestressing are:

  • Automatic calculation of prestressing effects and losses
  • Any tendon topology
  • All ULS and SLS checks according to Eurocode
  • Pre/post-tensioned members, 3D beam
  • Non-linear deflections respecting the cracking of the beam, short/long-term deflections
  • Non-linear creep
  • Construction stages. Time-dependent analysis.
  • User-specified concrete strength in the stage of prestressing
  • Lateral stability check of beams
  • Any geometry of prestressed concrete cross-section; 40 predefined templates
  • Continuous composite beam