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Prestressed concrete I-section

Prestressed beam with openings

Prestressed hammerhead pier cap

Prestressed bridge diaphragm (Detail)

Reinforced beam with openings

Prestressed cross joint

Implementation of long-term losses in Detail

Prestressing in Detail - Post-tensioned tendons

Prestressing in Detail - Pre-tensioned strands

Prestressing in Detail - Model description

Pre-tensioned composite section

Box girder bridge section

Transverse girder with opening (ACI)

Tendons out of the section

Structural design of a prestressed I-section (EN)

Structural design of composite concrete section in RCS (EN)

Structural design of prestressed discontinuity regions

Structural design of a prestressed concrete saddle beam (EN)

RFEM BIM link for the structural concrete beam design (EN)

Moment of resistance of prestressed section - comparison of hand calculations and IDEA StatiCa

Prestressed highway concrete bridge