Verification and validation of corbels strengthened by unbonded tendons and bars

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Reinforced corbels are frequently used in industrial halls. A number of existing corbels are prestressed by unbonded tendons or bars in order to increase their load-bearing capacity, decrease the deflections and restrain cracks spreading.

The goal of the project was an experimental validation of the reinforced concrete corbel strengthened using unbonded tendons via CSFM (Compatible Stress Field Method). The method is based on materially nonlinear calculation considering the tension stiffening effect of rebars and compression softening of concrete. These effects and other assumptions implemented in CSFM capture the real behavior of reinforced concrete members. Besides, CSFM is verified using an independent analysis, which is based on similar assumptions as those in Compatible Stress Field Method.

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Team of authors: Lukas Bobek, Lukas Juricek, Michal Cihal, Jaromir Kabelac and Michael Konecny

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