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IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete discontinuities

Stress-strain diagrams in CSFM

Basic assumptions of Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM)

Types of supports in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Main assumptions and limitations for CSFM

General introduction for the structural design of concrete details

Intuitive ribbon and navigation system for IDEA StatiCa Detail

Export Beam to Detail

What is the CSFM?

Prestressing in Detail - Post-tensioned tendons

Deep beam

Prestressing in Detail - Pre-tensioned strands

Prestressing in Detail - Model description

How to model a beam with haunches and openings in Detail

CSFM Book – Compatible stress field design of structural concrete

Supports in IDEA StatiCa Detail - Advanced Topics

Speeding up the solver of IDEA StatiCa for concrete design

Thorough CSFM results available

Up to 4-times faster CSFM solver

Design any architectural shape

Code-check of walls and deep beams