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Theoretical background for IDEA StatiCa Detail

Thorough CSFM results available

Up to 4-times faster CSFM solver

Bridge diaphragm (EN)

Dapped end with an opening (EN)

Concrete beam with an opening (EN)

Structural design of prestressed discontinuity regions

Basic assumptions of Compatible Stress Field Method (CSFM)

How to edit geometry in Detail

Types of supports in IDEA StatiCa Detail

Structural concrete in the 21st century

Verification and validation of corbels strengthened by unbonded tendons and bars

Code checking of a box girder diaphragm according to Eurocode

Serviceability limit state evaluation in discontinuity regions

Solution for walls and details of concrete structures

How fast is it to learn IDEA StatiCa Detail?

Design any architectural shape

Code-check of walls and deep beams

How to design a prestressed beam with openings easily?

Reinforced concrete ledge beams via CSFM

How to define supports of the RC structure's CSFM model?