What is the CSFM?

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Have you heard of CSFM? It's a method we implemented in IDEA StatiCa Detail to solve discontinuity regions.

The CSFM – Compatible stress field method. It’s a method for designing and code-checking concrete details (such as corbels, pile caps, beams with openings, dapped ends, etc.) and walls. The details can be created step by step using entities or can be imported from a DXF reference, and the model is automatically transferred to the analysis model by the CSFM. The results, according to the code, are provided.

The method is summarized briefly, and all the essential principles are explained in the following article. You will also find comparisons with the Strut and Tie Method and the Stress Fields method and how they all relate to each other. 

 CSFM explained

To get comprehensive information and theory, you can choose one of the following sources:

1. Online lecture by Prof. Kaufmann from ETH:

2. Theoretical background written by our team:

Find out more about CSFM from our Theoretical background.

If you want to see the practical usage, go to Case Studies or Sample Projects, where you can download the models and see for yourself what results IDEA Statica Detail can offer you.

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