Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete 20.1

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The new version of IDEA StatiCa is here! We bring another batch of new features and improvements to enhance the design of your concrete projects. No matter how complex is your concrete project, IDEA StatiCa delivers:

  • Complete code-checks
  • Advanced analysis types
  • The unlimited topology of cross-sections and reinforcement layout
  • All 2D concrete details
  • Reports that get the project done

Our users currently do this through separate applications - Detail, RCS, and Beam. We are thrilled to introduce you to a brand new application in IDEA StatiCa Concrete - Member.  It will unify all the design and code-checks of all reinforced concrete members in one place, integrated into your FEA software. Member will be available in BETA for all users with any concrete license of IDEA StatiCa.

Besides this whole new app, you can find improvements in our code-checking engines:

  • Partially loaded areas
  • Fatigue check

Next to that, we prepared some improvements on the IDEA StatiCa licensing to enable you flexible and comfortable license management.  

We hope you will enjoy all our new features and improvements and would love to hear your feedback anytime. 

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Concrete Member BETA

Release 20.1 brings a new application for Concrete design - Concrete Member BETA. Model, reinforce, and code-check a critical concrete member in minutes. 


Thanks to our new application, the user can easily design and assess spatial reinforced concrete structures consisted of 1-D elements, beams and columns. In the future, it will be possible to analyze structural 3-D members of any topology.

Geometry of concrete member


The load can be applied in the direction of any member axis via the line load. Endpoints of related members can be subjected to point forces (and moments) that represent nodal forces obtained from global analysis.

Line load on concrete member


Using our well-known dialog, the user can design longitudinal reinforcement and stirrups in each member. The predefined templates can speed up the whole process of reinforcement design. Every group of longitudinal reinforcement, as well as stirrups, can be easily edited in the Property window. 

Reinforcement editor in concrete member

You can define several reinforcement zones along the length of the member and create a complicated reinforcement layout including various spacing of the stirrups and longitudinal reinforcing bars lengths.

reinforcement layout


Several different analysis types will be available for one structural model. Currently, only Linear analysis can be performed, but other types of analysis will be implemented in the following releases.  

Four types of analyses will be available to analyze concrete members. Now, a linear analysis can be run in Concrete Member Beta, the other three types of analyses are in development or in the stage of their final tunning. 

four analysis in IDEA StatiCA: linear analysis, GMNA, CSFM 2D, CSFM 3D

  • Linear analysis (LA): implemented in Concrete Member Beta
linear analysis in concrete member

  • Geometrically and materially non-linear analysis, including thermal analysis (GMNA): in development

  • Compatible stress field method 2D (CSFM 2D): developed/improving (CSFM is available in IDEA StatiCa Detail)

  • Compatible stress field method 3D (CSFM 3D): in development

Section check 

After linear analysis, the user can run a detailed section check using the application RCS, which automatically chooses the most utilized sections on analyzed members and assess them.

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.

IDEA StatiCa Detail

Reinforcement in partially loaded areas

Partially loaded areas are appreciated by a lot of structural engineers dedicated to pre-cast and bridge structures where huge concentrated forces can occur. Partially loaded areas were implemented in the previous version of IDEA StatiCa and version 20.1 brings an enhancement of this functionality. 

Now, you can design the reinforcement in the partially loaded area in a more effective way. The reinforcing bars are part of the CSFM model and the bond between concrete and bars is treated as perfect. 

partially loaded areas with reinforcement

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.


Fatigue check

In previous releases when assessing concrete for fatigue, the stress in the concrete was calculated based on the parabolic-rectangular stress-strain diagram. 

Stress-strain diagram - fatigue check (older versions)

According to Eurocode the tensile strength of concrete shall be ignored and a linear stress-strain relationship for concrete under compression shall be used. Now for fatigue verification, we use the same stress-strain diagrams as in SLS checks, i.e., an unlimited linear stress-strain diagram.

Stress-strain diagram - fatigue check

For the concrete in compression, the mean value of Young's modulus of elasticity Ecm is used.

Available in Expert and Enhanced edition.

BIM links

Versions of applications supported by IDEA StatiCa 20.1 (Concrete)


Licensing improvements highlights:

  • Possibility of the automatic sign out after you close IDEA StatiCa 
  • IDEA StatiCa launches 40 % faster   
  • Better error messages so you know what the problem with your license is  
  • New License dialog with "Forgotten password" button at hand 

Licensing dialog box in 20.1 version

IDEA StatiCa 20.1 has a new License dialog:

Licensing dialog box

“Keep me signed in” checkbox

This new checkbox defines if you want to use the offline activation window or not. Are you and your colleagues online all the time and want to share the license quickly? Or do you want an option to leave the office and finish your work on the road without an Internet connection? You can do both with the new licensing of IDEA StatiCa.

If “Keep me signed” is checked, IDEA StatiCa behaves as in version 20.0 – after closing the program, the license stays on your computer for 72 hours without the need to be connected to the Internet. And nobody else can access it.  You might switch your PC off and on during this time. This is useful for work trips, home office, or workplaces with an unstable Internet connection.

If this checkbox is empty, the license seat will be returned to the license pool immediately after you close IDEA StatiCa. The offline window is not activated, and other users in your organization can get your license immediately. However, this requires a constant connection to the Internet. This is useful for bigger groups of engineers with a stable Internet connection.

Remember me

If checked, IDEA StatiCa will remember and prefill your username and password in the license dialog for faster Sign In.

Forgot password, Trial

All the engineers in the organization can quickly recover their password using the “Forgot password” button. If you do not have an account and your organization has an IDEA StatiCa license, you need to ask your Administrator to add you as a licensed user.

No license yet in your company? You can quickly get a trial using the FREE trial button.

Faster startup, better messages

The initial start of IDEA StatiCa is now 40 % faster due to the improved authentication sequence. Changes in products and license updates are faster by 70 %. We have also made the error messages clearer – for example, a new clear message when all the seats of IDEA StatiCa in your organization are taken by somebody else.

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