IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing – Features and editions

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Please note that this page refers to licenses sold before July 1, 2023. A detailed explanation of the Concrete products currently available can be found here.

IDEA StatiCa Concrete as well as IDEA StatiCa Prestressing can be purchased in two editions - Expert and Enhanced. They differ in features of the respective applications - RCS, Detail, Beam, Member, Checkbot. IDEA StatiCa Prestressing contains all features and applications of IDEA StatiCa Concrete.

RCS application

Cross-sections Detail Concrete
Reinforced cross-section, plain concrete cross-section
Prestressed concrete cross-section
Pre-defined cross-sections library, general cross-section
Composite cross-section concrete-concrete
ULS – Capacity N-M-M, Shear, Torsion, Interaction, Response N-M-M
SLS – Stress limitation, crack width
Flexural slenderness, detailing, stiffnesses, M-N-k diagram
Fire resistance
Customized report including export to PDF, Word

Beam application

Geometry and cross-sections Detail Concrete
Reinforced concrete beam
Pre-tensioned and post-tensioned prestressed beam (including combination)
Beam loaded in 3D
Continuous composite beam
Non-linear deflection
Bridge load rating
Tendon shape design, prestressing losses, prestressing effects
Construction stages, time dependent analysis (TDA)
Cross-section code-checks for ULS, SLS – export to the RCS application
Deflection check – short term, long term
Non-linear creep
Customized report including export to PDF, Word

Detail application

Geometry Detail Concrete
Details: dapped ends, openings, hangings, frame joints
Walls, deep beams, corbels, diaphragms, pier caps, general detail
Geometry and reinforcement import from DXF file
Prestressing - pre-tensioned, post-tensioned detail
Analysis and code-check
Topology optimization
ULS checks – stress and strain in concrete, reinforcement, anchorage stress
SLS checks – crack width, crack directions, stress limitation, deflection
Customized report including export to PDF, Word
2D drawings export
Bill of material

Member application

Geometry Detail Concrete
General beams, columns, frames, tepered members
Analysis and code-checks
Linear analysis, Materialy non-linear analysis (MNA)
Linear buckling analysis (LBA)
Geometricaly and materialy non-linear analysis with imperfections (GMNIA)
Slender columns analysis
Thermal analysis of concrete members
Customized report including export to PDF, Word

BIM links

BIM links – Checkbot Detail Concrete
RFEM/RSTAB. AXIS VM, SAP 2000, Robot Structural Analysis, ETABS, STAAD PRO
BIM links – IDEA Designer
Midas Civil/GEN, AXIS VM, SCIA Engineer
BIM links - direct API to the Beam application
Advance Design, AXIS VM, RFEM/RSTAB, Robot Structural Analysis, SAP 2000


Supported codes
EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, EN 1992-3; national annexes CZ, SK, AT, BE, DE, UK, NL, PL, SG, SIA 262, ACIACI
Supported languages
English, German, French, French, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Slovak


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