How to send the diagnostics (log) files

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Some issues cannot be investigated just by sending the problematic IDEA StatiCa file. You may be asked to send the log files saved on your computer. Here is a short description of where they can be found and what to do with them.

Accessing the diagnostics files

Please open the Windows File Explorer and use the following path:

 C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Temp\IdeaStatiCa\Logs 

where USER NAME stands for your Windows user name.

In case you don't see AppData folder, enable displaying Hidden items in the Windows settings.

In the Logs folder, you can find several log files generated during different actions made in IDEA StatiCa applications. Please put all of them into one archive file (either .zip or .rar) and send them to us via the User Portal (or your local reseller who provides the support to you).

How to send the diagnostics (log) files

The log files contain the events within diagnostics files associated with your projects. 

Setting the severity level of messages in the log files

Sometimes, it may be necessary to increase the level of logged details. To do so, please find the following file:

 C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\IDEA_RS\IdeaDiagnostics.config 

Open the IdeaDiagnostics.config file and change the severity level of messages in the log file (change the parameter in " " brackets in the DefaultLogLevel loglevel= line.

<DefaultLogLevel loglevel="Information"/>

Setting the severity of messages in the log files

The default value of loglevel level is Information. If it is changed to Debug or Trace, more details are written to the log file.

After you change the loglevel parameter and save the IdeaDiagnostics.config file, run the investigated action in IDEA StatiCa. After that, close the program and send us the new log files (described above).

If you are using the IDEA StatiCa Open model, please go to our GitHub profile.

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