Export of an IFC file from IDEA StatiCa Connection

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The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format is an open data, vendor-neutral format that enables the sharing of CAD data. This offers users the ability to share a connection design in a format readable by other BIM software.

One IFC model is more than a dozen drawings 

As a detailer, modeling a complex, or even simple, connection design according to 2D drawings provided by a structural engineer can get complicated and create room for error. Therefore, it is important to share as much information between the professions as possible. So, why not use a format that is recognized by every BIM software tool of the industry? An IFC provides you with a 3D representation of the connection, which can be linked to Tekla, Revit, etc., and IFC viewers. 

How to export your connection design into IFC 

All it takes is one click! 

  • Design your steel joint in IDEA StatiCa Connection and navigate to the Report tab. 
  • Click on the IFC export icon, and it's done! 

You can export connections into IFC even if you don't use the desktop application! 

  • Just upload the steel joint to our web application IDEA Statica Viewer.
  • Click on the icon of IFC file and IFC of your joint will be automatically downloaded. 

The IFC file includes:

  • A geometrically accurate model of the connection, including bolts and welds.
  • Basic information about cross-sections, bolts, welds, and materials.
  • The model defined as an IFC2x3 coordination view 

A visual representation of a connection

The IFC file can be imported to BIM/CAD tools (such as Tekla Structures, Autodesk Revit, etc.) as a visual representation of the connection model. This provides the detailer with a better understanding of the model. Opening the model in any IFC viewer software brings you a wholesome view and the possibility to create additional section views, cuts, and measurements.  

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