Detailing according to Indian Standard

Detailing of bolt spacing, edge distance, and grip length, weld minimal size, and base plate thickness.


Bolt minimum spacing is according to IS 800, Cl. 10.2.2: Centre to centre of bolt should be larger than \(2.5 \cdot d\), where \(d\) is nominal bolt diameter.

Minimum end and edge distances measured from the centreline of the bolt are taken according to IS 800, Cl. 10.2.4 as \(1.5 \cdot d_0\), where \(d_0\) is standard hole diameter according to IS 800, Table 19.

The grip length of bolts should be limited to \(8d\) according to IS 800, Cl.


Minimal size of welds is checked according to IS 800, Table 21:

Thickness of thicker part [mm]Minimal weld size [mm]
\(t \le 10 \)3
\( 10 < t \le 20 \)5
\( 20 < t \le 32 \) 6
\( 32 < t \)10

Note that weld size is assumed as throat thickness multiplied by \(\sqrt{2}\).

Column base

Column base thickness should be larger than the thickness of column flange according to IS 800, Cl.

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