Weld size and length

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The article discusses the definition of the size and length of a weld in IDEA StatiCa Connection and Member.

Weld size differences between EC and AISC (CISC) codes

There is a difference between weld size definitions in welding operations when you design according to EC or AISC (CISC) codes. Please remember it while making a model of a joint in IDEA StatiCa.

Under EN, the weld size is defined as the parameter a, which is the weld throat thickness.

Under AISC (CISC), the weld size is defined as the parameter z, which is the weld leg size.

You can simply calculate a from z and vice versa using the Pythagorean Theorem.

Wels size

Weld length

If you need to know the exact length of a weld, go to the Check tab once the calculation has been performed. The length of the weld is related to the central line of the tube.

Length of the weld

You can also find all welds sizes and lengths in Report, under the Bill of Materials (BOM).

Weld size and length

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