A correct way how to define a stub

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A stub can be modeled in different ways. Nevertheless, not all of them are correct.

See the webinar recording from Connection Wednesdays – 3 most common traps in connection design where we presented three approaches and explains the correct one.

In the first approach, our goal was to add a new member to model the stub. Although it may seem appropriate for some beginner users, it is definitely not (see When to use a stiffening member?). 

The second approach was to use the dedicated operation for a stub, which could be correct. Nevertheless, there appeared a new issue with replacing the end plate with a splice.

The third and correct approach how to add a stub and connect it with a splice is to use a stiffening member and apply a splice operation on it.

Another example of how to correctly define a stub was presented in Connection Wednesdays – Common rookie mistakes on steel joints webinar where we fixed a stub model reporting singularities. 

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