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IDEA StatiCa Detail – Structural design of concrete discontinuities

Stability of Bracket Plates using Local Buckling Analysis and Material Nonlinear Analysis (AISC)

Timber connections – angle to the grain

Wireframe view & result interpretation of concrete members

How do checks in IDEA StatiCa Connection align with the code

Analysis doesn't reach 100 %

Detailed beam code-check results

How to import load effects from Excel sheet

Global buckling vs. local buckling. What does it mean?

Combinations from SCIA Engineer to IDEA StatiCa

Is IDEA StatiCa Connection a FEM solution like Abaqus or ANSYS?

How to evaluate the buckling results in detail

I already have a connection design tool, why to bother with IDEA StatiCa Connection?

How to face the global stability of a wall

Crack width

Different shear force values in bolts – more shear planes?

Stand-off anchors check

Shear force transfer possibilities

AISC Verification studies of steel connection design in IDEA StatiCa

Connection Wednesdays – Common rookie mistakes on steel joints

Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport drive-through canopy