A Decade of Making the Right Connections

Celebrate 10 years of IDEA StatiCa connection design with us, and get a gift!
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10 benefits of 10 years of advanced connection design
1/ Speed

Reduce your connection design time from weeks to hours

3/ Integration

Seamlessly connect with BIM and eliminate manual data re-entry

5/ Usability

Master the tool quickly and apply efficient connection design to all your projects

7/ Cost efficiency

Provide your clients with clearly provable and efficient connection designs

9/ Support

Get support when you need it from our dedicated team of engineers

2/ Accuracy

Deliver error-free designs in all your connection projects

4/ Joy of work

Re-discover the joy in your structural engineering tasks

6/ Visualization

Achieve easier project buy-in with detailed 3D connection visuals

8/ Code compliance

Confidently design compliant connections for any local code

10/ Driven by engineers

Stay innovative with our roadmap defined by customer needs

10 years = 1+0

Celebrate 10 years of IDEA StatiCa connection design and unwrap your anniversary gift!  

  • Buy one license seat now and get another one for free.
  • The offer is valid for all orders until June 30, 2024. 

Regional conditions may apply. Check with your local sales partner.