What is the CBFEM?

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The CBFEM – Component-based finite element method. It’s a method for the design and code-check of steel joints, anchors and steel members. The steel joints can be created step by step using manufacturing operations, the model is automatically transferred to the analysis model by the CBFEM and the results according to the code are provided.

CBFEM is a synergy of the Component Method and FE analysis. This method is based on the idea that most of the verified and very useful parts of the Component Method should be kept. The weak point of the Component Method – its generality when analyzing stresses of individual components – was replaced by modeling and analysis using the Finite Element Method (FEA).

The CBFEM method provides clear information about the behavior of the joint or member. 

​The method is quick, efficient and compliant with the code.

Watch the webinar recording  explaining what is the CBFEM method and what is it based on: 

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