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It's been already four years since Prof Frantisek Wald and his team issued the first edition of the book describing the unique and innovative Component-based finite element method. Now the 4th edition of the book comes to life with a changed title, enriched content and updated verifications.

In September 2016, the book "Benchmark cases for advanced design of structural steel connections" was published by the Prof Frantisek Wald and his team in which some of IDEA StatiCa engineers and experts played an important role. This publication was and still is strongly supported not only by IDEA StatiCa but mainly by two universities - Czech Technical University in Prague and Brno University of Technology. 

The new title, enriched content

In July 2020, the team has successfully finished the 4th edition of the book which was published with the new title – "Component-based finite element design of steel connections" with updated and enriched content, including verifications based on up-to-date versions of IDEA StatiCa software. 

The new title reflects the fact during the last four years the CBFEM (Component-based Finite Element Method) became known and widely accepted by the community of Structural Engineers. 

But the new title doesn't make the book better, right? What it does make better are improved and updated verification examples. A new section on hollow cross-sections was added, demonstrating the accuracy of the CBFEM for these types of steel connections. While the previous editions of the book were built around version 6 of IDEA StatiCa software, the latest edition uses version 10.1 released in September 2019. And, during these four years and versions, IDEA StatiCa made a giant leap forward. Just check by yourself how many new features were added during this time.  

That all means, the new verifications are more advanced, detailed, and accurate, bringing light into code-checking steel connections of all topologies and loading. Some of the most important verification examples are published also in our Support center. 

About the book

The publication introduces the Component-based Finite Element Method (CBFEM), which is a novel approach in the structural design of steel connections and joints. It allows engineers to analyze and assess generally loaded joints and connections with varying complexity of geometry. CBFEM is a synergy of the standard approach to connection design (component method) and finite elements. Implementation of the CBFEM for the structural steel design represents a qualitative leap for the whole structural engineering industry.

This book will help you to understand how to safely and accurately design and analyze various steel connections according to the given building code.

More information about the book and authors

How to get the book

The hardcopy of the book can be bought in the store of the Czech Technical University in Prague or on various events and meetups with the IDEA StatiCa team. 

The ebook (PDF) version can be bought on Payhip.  


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