How to deal with beam openings

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Join the webinar and learn about

  • Modeling part of a beam with opening quickly and easily
  • Proper input of loads
  • Interpretation of thorough results


Vlastimil Konecny
Vlastimil Konecny Product Engineer
IDEA StatiCa
Most structural engineers don't like openings in bearing structures. But it isn't always possible to avoid them. Not sure about the design? Don't have enough time to code-check the structure using more complex methods? Do you want to be sure of a safe design that includes all important checks?

Join our Summer Series webinar to learn how to properly model and code-check a reinforced concrete beam weakened by a larger opening for the ultimate and serviceable limit state including the deflection and crack width check in the IDEA StatiCa Detail application.

Practical example

You will learn how to model a cut-off of the beam with opening quickly and easily. We will load the structure, set the reinforcement, and go through the detailed results.

Summer series - How to deal with discontinuity regions

How to deal with discontinuity regions is a new series of three short webinars for beginners to get quickly familiar with the program. By covering the most common examples of complex concrete details, you will learn how to use the software and be productive and safe in designing and code-checking reinforced concrete structures.

There will be three webinars with relevant content:

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The ultimate solution for concrete details and structural parts

Common 3D FEA software considers the linear behavior of concrete. Design and code-checks of reinforcement are limited, especially for the serviceability limit state which may lead to the development of excessive cracks. All of that is covered within the CSFM-based application IDEA StatiCa Detail. Now, all engineers can efficiently design and code-check structures of any shape and many more.

If you want to see more of IDEA StatiCa Detail in action, there are other recorded webinars to watch, or browse our Support center for tutorials and read the theoretical background.

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