Wireframe view & result interpretation of concrete members

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IDEA StatiCa 22.0 Member app is subjected to continuous development. First, the focus was on implementing various types of analyses. As a second we focus on post-processing the results.

Huge improvements were done at result interpretation in IDEA StatiCa Member for Concrete

  • Structure view has been added - Wireframe view. Now you can observe the structure in a solid, transparent, or wireframe view.
  • Reactions displayed in the 3D scene according to selected Load case or Combination
  • 3D visualization of the deformed structure. You can observe the total displacement (Usum) or the particular components in directions x,y and z (Ux, Uy, Uz).
  • 3D visualization of the overall results from MNA and GMNIA analysis
Overall results - stress and strain in concrete and reinforcement
The overall stresses in reinforcement.

Available in all editions of IDEA StatiCa Concrete and Prestressing.

Introduction video of the new features in IDEA StatiCa Member:

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