What is the Topology optimization for? And how does it go with the strut and tie method?

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Our design tool Topology Optimization helps you with the design and alignment of reinforcement. It is important to realize that Topology optimization is not the same as Strut and Tie model. Read the article to find out what it's about.

Topology Optimization 

The calculation uses an effective volume of the structure (20%, 40%, 60%, or 80%) and, within several iterations, places this volume in a way so the created topology is the stiffest possible. The result of this calculation is a topology of compression fields and areas in tension.

See the practical demonstration in the previously streamed webinar.

Or, if you want to get deeper information, we recommend you to go through the theoretical background and verification done on this topic.

How can the tool help you to create the most realistic strut-and-tie model

As was said the Topology optimization gives you the precise alignment of compression and tension fields in the concrete structure based on the input geometry and loads. This can be used not only for the efficient reinforcement design but also for the creation of the S&T model if you wish to compare the two approaches (CSFM and S&T).

How to create the most realistic strut-and-tie model using the Topology optimization tool

Combining the two can reassure that the design was done correctly, and bring peace of mind, that the tool they are starting to use is reliable.

Check out the webinar about a project that combined the two methods so the engineer could verify the solution on his own.

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