Topology optimization

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Topology optimization may be used to facilitate the reinforcement design of concrete structures. A brief overview of the method is given and ways it can be used for reinforcement design are described, along with several test case results.

Three practical examples of the design of typical concrete structures based on results generated by the method are shown in the attached article.

The current practice of the design and assessment of so-called discontinuity regions of concrete structures is based on either the strut and tie method or on the use of scientifically oriented programs. Both of these methods suffer from different disadvantages, but none of them can be used for a concept-decision analysis of the structure or its detail as they require accurate dimensions, location directions and amount of reinforcement in advance. The author’s experience is that even professionals have inadequate knowledge when it comes to the problem of the determination of positions and directions of the reinforcement in cases of atypical details of concrete structures.

This article has been prepared for 24th Czech Concrete Days 2017. 

Team of authors: Michael Konecny, Jaromir Kabelac, Jaroslav Navratil

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