What is the difference between Widener, Doubler and Rib?

One of the most often used manufacturing operations in Connection and Member apps is the Stiffening plate. It's a basic building component for the connection arrangement. What are the positioning options for it?

The Stiffening plate can be by default placed generally in the space and related to the joint origin point. Or the user can align the Stiffening plate to another Plate or Member already used in the scene.

When the user uses the position of the Stiffening plate aligned to the Plate or Member, there is also the Type selection available. And here, the user can select from 3 options. Widener, Doubler, and Rib. In some situations, it can be difficult to decide immediately which choice will be the best one.

This simple scheme could bring some light into deciding which one should be the best choice.

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