Serviceability limit state evaluation in discontinuity regions

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Discontinuity Region Design method was recently extended to allow assessment of serviceability limit states (SLS) for regions of concrete structural members where the Bernoulli-Navier hypothesis does not hold, such as dapped ends, openings, frame corners, etc.

The method uses material models that consider the impact of short- and long-term loading effects (creep) as well as the influence of tension stiffening, which are calculated from reinforcement ratios. The method can be used to perform an assessment of stress limitation  SLS as well as to calculate crack widths. Crack width calculations for both stabilized and non-stabilized cracks have been compared with real-world experiments. Calculations regarding deflection and strain in concrete and concrete rebars are compared with analytical calculations.

Read more in the attached paper prepared for the 25th Concrete Days 2018. 

Team of authors: Michal Cihal, Jaromir Kabelac, Michael Konecny, Lukas Juricek

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