Release notes IDEA StatiCa Steel 8.2

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This new release of IDEA StatiCa 8.2 is special since 95% of the new things were requested by our customers around the world.


In 2014, we introduced structural engineers a new way to design and check all steel connections according to the codes. Since then, over 1000 companies around the world significantly improved their steel connection workflow with IDEA StatiCa Connection. Reaching this milestone recently, this new release of IDEA StatiCa 8.2 is special since 95% of the new things were requested by our customers around the world.

Check the new features in IDEA StatiCa Connection 8.2!

1 User interface

From now on, there will be only a 64bit setup of IDEA StatiCa.

In the Geometry, you can now select the member directly in the 3D window.

Your selected 2D pictures can be now stored in the Gallery

In the Details panel, more information about the model and results and also warnings are displayed now.

The Navigator panel changed in the Report – the choice is simpler now with the possibility to modify the report according to your needs.

Butt welds are now also listed the Welds table in Check.

You can also find an Apply button in the Plate editor from now on.

2 Design codes

In the new version, some improvements in the design codes implementation have been added:


Detailing implementation

Concrete bearing strength

Anchorage assessment

3 Manufacturing operations

Based on the customers’ requests, the new improvements for many manufacturing operations are now available.

General anchoring

It is possible to define more general anchoring and also heavy anchoring and anchors going through more plates. The assessment of anchor bolts with stand-off has been added to check.

You can also define a gap between the base plate and concrete block or more foundation blocks.


The definition of the inner stiffener or cap plate is much easier now.


The slice operation has been simplified and the splice with bolts is created on botch members directly in one operation. The automatic adding of a backing plate is also possible.


A new type of cut – a Mitre cut – has been implemented for the connection of tubes and members with the same cross-section.


The welds have been improved with the possibility to create the partial or intermittent welds.

It is also possible to weld RHS profiles and members of the same size.


The option of slotted holes is newly placed in the editor of bolts. The direction and the size ratio can be set for each individual bolt.

The user-defined bolt geometry and material can be saved or read from MPRL.


Two new types of contacts can be defined:

Edge-edge contact that can be used, e.g., for a contact of a beam and shear iron.

Edge-surface contact

4 Report

The Report has been fully renewed. It has a new layout and it is completely modular now.

All formulas to all code-checks can be displayed in the report.

User-defined text and pictures can be included into the report of the project. You can also select, which project items will be included in the report.

5 BIM Links

FEA links

Links between IDEA StatiCa and FEA programs are shifting from “one-way” export to “two-way” synchronization. Until now, you had to export a joint from an FEA program to IDEA StatiCa every time you changed something in the original model. Now the link automatically syncs the connection in the FEA program and IDEA StatiCa Connection.

Copying of the load effects between projects has been enabled.

A new link with the ETABS program has been implemented.

CAD links

Some new features for smoother export from CAD programs:

Rounding of plates

Cut of tubes

Bended plates

Automatic detection of welds and contacts