Release notes IDEA StatiCa Concrete & Prestressing 8.0

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Version 8 is the next chapter in simplifying and improving your design process of concrete members.

The new version comes one year after the previous version 7 and brings many new features and improvements. The majority of them were inspired by our users, resellers, and partners.


  • Combinations in combinations
  • User defined load groups
  • Draped strands
  • Implementation of new NEN annex
  • Linear stresses along the beam length


  • Load cases assigned to different load group in combination.
  • Imported load cases from moving loads merged into one LC
  • RCS project saving as binary file
  • IOM – tests of input data
  • Export of bill of material into XLS
  • General settings moved to ribbon
  • Limited interaction check also in RCS

FEA Links

  • Export of beams from Advance Design into IDEA Beam

New features

Combinations in combinations

A possibility to add combinations into combinations has been implemented. This option is available through new tab in Load combinations manager.

Load cases assigned to different load groups

Sometimes it comes as handy to assign load cases into different load groups as it is considering different coefficients (psi, gamma, …) in different combinations.

User defined load groups

The user can now define his own load types for bridge constructions. For example trams, oversized convoys, metro cars etc. These groups can be included/excluded from bridge load rating checks due to Traffic checkbox.

Moving load cases from import

We have been given 12 separate load cases for imported moving load cases from Midas Civil. In newest version it comes to improvement by merging these cases into one to simplify your workflow. E.g. LM1+N, LM1-N, LM1+Vy, … is now replaced by MV-LM1.

RCS binary file

New option to save in RCS as a binary file has been added. Option to save in XML format is still available.

Draped strands

Draped strands are now added into Tendon designer. We have a possibility to change eccentricity along the length of prestressed strands.

IOM test of input values

IOM – tests of input values is mainly developed as new extension for those customers and partners, who use IOM interface to run non-linear analysis and design of IDEA StatiCa.

Export of bill of material

The export of bill of material including tendons into XLS format has been added to your workflow.

New NEN annex

We implemented latest NEN annex for our Dutch customers. The design of reinforcement should respect code dependent calculations.

  • Change of sr,max calculation as following:
  • Replace modulus of elasticity in equation 5.21 for the model used to estimate the nominal stiffness of slender compression members with effective modulus Ef.

General settings moved to ribbon

We moved some general settings to the ribbon to make our module RCS more user-friendly. You can find newly added buttons in right section of ribbon.

11. Linear stresses along the tendons

New functionality in Tendon designer calculates linear stresses along the tendons. A very helpful feature while tuning the tendon´s forces and layout during the design process. New way of the design of tendon in IDEA StatiCa.

Advance Design

New BIM link with Graitec´s Advance Design with the possibility to import beams into IDEA Beam.

Haunched beam of general section imported into IDEA StatiCa

Limited interaction check

We added limited interaction check also to RCS. In previous versions, this was possible only in Beam module. To access this check, please find it in Current Section & Extreme -> Design Member -> Member data and check the checkbox. After this, you should be able to decide in which type of combination it should be considered in Internal forces Tab.