Manual control over the extension of members

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By enabling manual control over the extension of members, users of Connection and Member apps are afforded additional modeling options, facilitating precise and tailored project outcomes, thereby enabling more complex and accurate modeling capabilities.

This setting for "Extend the member" is incorporated in the Connection application inside the Cut of member manufacturing operation. To extend the member towards the farther point of the connected member, you also need to select the Cutting plane type "Farther".

No matter whether the Connection is opened from Member, Checkbot, or initiated from scratch, this functionality uniformly ensures a consistent experience across different workflows.

In the Member application, this feature allows users to extend members at both ends, particularly when an analyzed beam was also cut by another operation, permitting numerous design scenarios.

This unified approach to the extend function in the cut operation between the Connection and Member applications also prevents potential discrepancies.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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