Steel connection design resistance (EN)

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This tutorial shows how to use IDEA StatiCa Connection to model, design and check a structural steel joint and calculate its joint design resistance.

1 New project

Let’s launch IDEA StatiCa Connection and open the project file for this tutorial.

2 Stress and strain analysis

To see the difference between the two types of analyses, let's perform the stress/strain analysis first. Calculate the model - use the button on the top ribbon.

Joint design resistance (EN)

You can directly see the overall results of the stress/strain analysis displayed in the upper left corner of the scene.

3 Joint design resistance

Copy the project item first to save the previous work and change the analysis type to DR (Joint design resistance) for the new project item (Connection 2).

Joint design resistance (EN)

Now run the joint design resistance analysis by the command  Calculate in the top ribbon.

Joint design resistance (EN)

4 Results

Proceed to the Check tab and Joint design resistance in the result tables. The application calculated the factor (percentage) of the applied load to reach the design resistance of the connection. Under the table, the load path is displayed. 

For a better understanding of the results, see the Theoretical Background.

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