How to run old versions of BIM links

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In the current version of IDEA StatiCa (check here), we provide BIM links in the application Checkbot for various CAD and FEA software. To keep up to date, we are able to maintain and support approximately 2 latest versions of linked software. However, if you need to create a BIM link between the latest IDEA StatiCa version and the older non-supported version of the 3rd party software, this is still possible.

Please note, that in such matter, we don't provide any technical support, and we don't guarantee correct functionality of the BIM link (e.g. correct import of balanced load effects).

The BIM link can be created using the proper .bat files from the IDEA StatiCa installation folder in a few steps:

  1. Go to the installation folder, as default C:\Program Files\IDEA StatiCa\StatiCa XX.X
  2. Find the proper .bat file, e.g. Idea4Tekla2017i.bat
    Note: For SCIA Engineer, run the SetIDEAInstallDir.bat file
    Note: For Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis, run the RobotAddin.bat file
    Note: For AXIS VM, run the AxisPluginInstall_x64.bat file
  3. Run the file via the context menu as an administrator
  4. The link between IDEA StatiCa and selected software is installed
  5. Follow further instructions on how to run the link in a relevant tutorial (e.g. Tekla Structures BIM link for connection design)

Please note that some of the BIM links to IDEA StatiCa are developed by 3rd parties, using the public IDEA StatiCa API (called IOM). In that case, it is better to contact the actual developer. Where to check this? Just go to the BIM section and find information about the workflow most relevant for you.

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