How to model a beam with haunches and openings in Detail

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Ever wondered how quickly you can model the more complicated geometry of a beam without templates in IDEA StatiCa Detail? In the following video, you can see for yourselves that the application really enables a quick design in minutes, even if you cannot use one of our predefined templates.

In the following examples, you can see how to model a beam with haunches and openings. This is a typical example of a precast beam where you want to reduce the weight as much as possible. These beams are often used for industrial halls, and in addition to being lightweight, the openings are used for pipe rising. 

Examples are part of the already streamed webinars. Both cases are very similar, with the main difference being the modeling process.

The first model is completely modeled from scratches in IDEA StatiCa Detail, including geometry and loads: 

In the second example, we edit the geometry of the beam we pulled from the global model:

If you want to try a sample example yourself, we recommend starting with the tutorial of the beam with openings for a step-by-step description.

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