High-strength steel notifications

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To enhance safety and accuracy in structural design, different values of the plastic limit strain should be used for high-strength steel grades.

While high-strength steel is not widely covered in the current edition of the Eurocode, it is included in new generations and product sheets. IDEA StatiCa's database accommodates high-strength steel, aligning with current design rules and anticipating future updates to codes and standards.

Enhanced safety and reliability

To recognize the unique characteristics of high-strength steel, a distinct plastic strain limit parameter is included in the Code setup, ensuring designs adhere to the most current research and standards.

High-strength steel notifications

The inclusion of a separate plastic strain limit for high-strength steel, with a default value set at 1%, allows for precise adherence to material-specific design principles. By specifying a more conservative plastic strain limit for high-strength steel, IDEA StatiCa contributes to the safety and durability of structures.

Design tab and material classification adjustments

For steel with yield strengths fy exceeding 460 MPa, the software alerts the user of a tailored plastic strain limit, ensuring the integrity of designs involving high-strength steel. The automatic update from "Steel" to "High-strength steel" in the software’s database underscores the importance of accurate material properties in design calculations.

The Check tab and Report sections reflect the plastic strain limit ɛlim as per various international codes, including EN, AISC, CSA, AS, and SP, providing a broad compatibility spectrum for global design practices.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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