Export of editable connections from Checkbot

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We hear very often from our customers, that they like to work with IDEA StatiCa Connection Member models independently from the Synced models inside the Checkbot. For many reasons, the new "Export to" can help in everyday design workflows.

Therefore the possibility of exporting editable files from Checkbot was introduced in version 22.0.

The user can now open the Export to function (in the right-mouse button menu) for the particular connections and save them as:

  1. Separate files - individual IDEA Connection project files would be created for every Connection selected in Checkbot's list of project items
  2. Single project - one Multi-connection IDEA project file with several connection models will be created from selected Connections listed in Checkbot (enables printing the bulk report of all connections in one file)

Once the Separate project files are exported, they are no longer linked to the original Checkbot structural model, and therefore no further synchronization with the 3rd party applications or their management in Checkbot is possible.

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

Export of editable connections from Checkbot

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