Detailing of bolts and welds according to Chinese standard (GB)


The minimum allowable distance of bolts is checked according to Table 11.5.2.

Minimum allowable distance of bolts; d0 – bolt hole diameter

Minimum allowable distance
Bolt pitch\( 3 \cdot d_0 \)
End distance parallel to load\( 2 \cdot d_0 \)
Edge distance perpendicular to load (bearing bolt type) \( 1.2 \cdot d_0 \)
Edge distance perpendicular to load (preloded bolt type)\( 1.5 \cdot d_0 \)


The minimal weld size hf is checked according to Table 11.3.5. The weld size is determined from weld throat thickness: \( h_f = \sqrt{2} \cdot h_e \).

Minimal weld size hf

Thickness of plate [mm]Minimum weld size [mm]
\( t \le 6 \)3
\( 6 < t \le 12 \)5
\( 12 < t \le 20 \) 6
\( 20<t \)8

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