Consistency in Connection and Member models

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Cleat, Splice, Fin plate, and Stiffening plate operations are unified across the IDEA StatiCa Connection and Member applications in order to produce identical designs, which offers great flexibility and control over complex Member models.

The mapping of constraint points and the selection of plates in Cleat, Splice, Fin plate, and Stiffening plate manufacturing operations are consistent in the project data of all applications dealing with steel connections.

This prevents situations when in the Member app, a cut operation (utilizing cut by a plate, workplane of negative volume) is applied in one connection node of the analyzed member, causing discrepancies in the operations in other connection nodes of this member.

A parent-child relationship between plates and members is ensured even after one part of the Member model is touched by modifying the number of edges of plates and their ordering. This methodology ensures that even if the parent plate is removed, the subsequent operations can accurately reference the correct plate based on this relationship, maintaining the intended positioning designed in the Connection application.

Released in IDEA StatiCa version 24.0.

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