Bolts and Compressed Plates Modelling

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The paper is focused on modeling of the bolts in tension and plate in bending and of a compressed plate in structural steel connection by analytical and finite element models.

The procedure for creating a Design finite element model (DFEM) with shell elements and a Component-based finite element model (CBFEM) with shell elements and component elements for bolts, weld, and compressed plate, is discussed. The proposed procedure is evaluated on published and performed experiments.

The verification example shows that compressed plates could be in finite element models designed without applying imperfections. An essential part of the following research is verification of the buckling curve for non-regular plate shapes such as triangular. Using the buckling curve instead of nonlinear analysis will reduce the calculation time. The procedure will be validated on the published and newly prepared experiments of stiffeners with different types of support, free edge, partially stiffened, and clamped. 

The work was prepared under the project MERLION of Czech Republic Technical No. TA02010159.

The work was published by Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Department of Steel and Timber Structures.
Team:  Gödrich L., Kurejkova M., Wald F., Sokol Z.

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