Add or merge nodes of connections and members in Checkbot

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Since version 22.0 defining and editing new design items is possible in the Checkbot app. You can simply select and create connections and members directly in the structural model inside the Checkbot.

Why did we come up with this feature? In previous versions, the user could face the obstacle that some Connections were not created automatically or had two connection models for one structural joint. This issue can now be solved by manual creation of whatever joint or member needs to be analyzed.

For import from FEA applications both options, Connections, and Member creation is available. For import from CAD applications, only the Connection option is present.

Maybe an even more important issue solved with this manual creation is the connection arrangement with close structural joints which should be analyzed in one common Connection model. Typically with eccentric diagonal bracing members, it's very often the case. Now the user can decide which specific joints should be analyzed in the common Connection model.

Eccentric members in one connection

The secondary use-case for this feature is in the use of IOM/ SAF / RAM Import. When a user uses Checkbot as a standalone application, the structural model is brought from 3rd party application automatically, but the Connections and Members to be analyzed need to be selected manually. And that's exactly where this feature helps a lot.

Two possibilities of creating new Connections:

  1. one connection - the user can go one by one
  2. multiple connections at once - several Connections can be created at once

Available in both Expert and Enhanced editions of IDEA StatiCa Steel.

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