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Code-check all steel connections. Solve buckling and stability. Save time and be safe.

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IDEA StatiCa Steel lets you design and check welded or bolted connections, 2D or 3D joints, anchoring of any geometry. You get clear pass/fail checks according to AISC, Eurocode, and other national standards in a complete report with drawings.

250+ Connections in 3 clicks

There is no limit in the number of beams, bolts, welds, and plates in your connections. Do the most common topologies in seconds and continue editing the connection templates right in the 3D scene. Define shapes based on your project—not on what your software can handle! You design, IDEA StatiCa designs, calculates, and code-checks and automatically handles the calculation model.

Thousands of design configurations

You model the connection, IDEA StatiCa does the work – it analyzes all the forces and provides precise checks, results of stress, stiffness, and buckling analysis. It also checks bolts, welds, and concrete blocks. Interactions between all the beams and connections? IDEA StatiCa takes that into account, too, providing yes/no code-check according to AISC, Eurocode, etc.

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Ready to master analysis, design, and code-check skills of various steel connections for everyday engineering practice? Our online course can help you

IDEA StatiCa Member (BETA)

Connections are not the only pain-point when it comes to steel projects. Stability and buckling calculations are critical for safety but tools for the proper analysis are lacking. That is why we created IDEA StatiCa Member, currently in the BETA version. You can design and code-check the critical frame of your project (beams, columns, diagonals, etc.).) considering the stability effect. You can add transversal or longitudinal stiffeners, openings, and cuts. Then run the calculation and generate a report with all the results.

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