Reinforced concrete expert

Safely design and check the critical member in your concrete structure

Design walls

Quickly generate complete designs and code-checks of general walls – even for architecturally exposed members.

  • Easy-to-model non-linear design
  • Concrete in tension excluded
  • ULS code-checks – strength of concrete and reinforcement, anchoring
  • SLS code-checks – crack width checks, stress limitation checks
  • Effects of tension stiffening and compression softening included
  • Material models according to codes
  • DXF import/export
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Solve the critical member

Using IDEA StatiCa Concrete, you can code-check the most complicated and critical parts of your project, quickly and easily.

  • All-in-one solution
  • BIM links with other software
  • Members including discontinuities – openings, depth ends, etc.
  • Automatic redistribution and reductions for multi-span beams
  • Non-linear deflections of cracked members
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Solve unusual cross-section geometry

IDEA StatiCa Concrete lets you check reinforced concrete sections of any shape – typical, unusual, and even general cross-sections.

  • Cross-sections of any shape
  • Designs with all ULS/SLS checks
  • National annexes included
  • Fire design
  • DXF import/export
  • Flexural slenderness
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Comprehensive reporting tool

Generate and compile ultimate and serviceability state checks (including interaction and fire resistance) into fully scalable and customizable reports.

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